The Billy Mayerl Society

The Shows and Films

When one thinks of Billy Mayerl it is first and foremost as a composer of piano music, but he also produced a considerable output of songs. The greater proportion of these were written for the stage and he composed music for around twenty different shows. At the beginning of his career he contributed numbers to shows in which the main body of the music was written by others but in 1930, at the age of twenty-eight, he was commisioned to write the complete score for the musical comedy 'Nippy', going on to provide all the music for another half-dozen shows as well as songs for films and a fair number of individual songs.

(selected .mp3 clips below)

The Shows: 

The Punch Bowl (1924) 
The London Revue (1925)
White Birds (1927) -
    What ' you going to do?
So Long Letty (1928)
Change Over (1929)
Love Lies (1929)
The Love Race (1930)
Silver Wings (1930)
Darling I Love You (1930)
Nippy (1930)
Meet my sister (1931)
The Millionaire Kid (1931) - 
    I'd be lost without you
Between Ourselves (1932)
Sporting Love (1934)
Love Laughs (1935)
Twenty to One (1935)
Crazy Days (1937)  - 
     You're not too bad yourself
Runaway Love (1939)  - 
     Nice to know
Happy Birthday (1940)
Kiki (1942)
Six Pairs of Shoes (1944)
The Films:   

Honeymoon for three (1935) - film

Over She Goes (1936) -
     Mine's a hopeless case 
       I breathe on windows 

Cheer Up - 
     Steak and Kidney Pudding 
     There's a star in the sky 


       Toodle-oo Sal

All sound clips are taken from 'Honeymoon for Three'  featuring
Robert Petillo, Alison Taffs and Alex Hassan(piano).
This CD is available on the Shellwood  label SWCD28