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  Billy Mayerl Recordings - from 'Shellwood'

NOTE: Shellwood closed in November 2014 and their CDs can no longer be purchased.

Robots (Billy Mayerl): Eric Parkin


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Pastoral Sketches (Billy Mayerl): Peter Jacobs


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Postman’s Knock (Billy Mayerl): Eric Parkin


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The Genius of Billy Mayerl (2 CDs): CD1: Solos; CD2:Transcriptions: Eric Parkin


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Billy Mayerl - Honeymoon For Three: A Selection of Songs from the Shows
Alex Hassan, Robert Petillo and Alison Taffs


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Billy Mayerl - Runaway Love: Another Selection of Songs from the Shows
Alex Hassan, Rachel Barrell and Colin Zammit


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Billy Mayerl - Piano Exaggerations: Played by Christopher Duckett



Other CD Recordings of and by Billy Mayerl

Marigold - Billy Mayerl's Music
Billy Mayerl
Conifer CDHD 205
Marigold - The Piano Music
Eric Parkin
Chandos CHAN 8460
Billy Mayerl - Original Recordings - Vol.1
Naxos 8.120653
Nimble-Fingered Gentleman
Phillip Dyson
Bats in the Belfry
Eric Parkin
Chandos CHAN 8848
Billy Mayerl - Original Recordings - Vol.2
Naxos 8.120654
Piano Music of Billy Mayerl
Peter Jacob
Priory PRCD 399
Leprechaun's Leap
Eric Parkin
Chandos CHAN 9141
Billy Mayerl plays Billy Mayerl

Billy Mayerl -Transcriptions - Vol.1
Eric Parkin
Priory PRCD 466
Eric Parkin
Priory PRCD 544
Billy Mayerl Favourites
Billy Mayerl
Grosvenor CDGRS265
Billy Mayerl - Transcriptions - Vol.2
Eric Parkin
Priory PRCD 467
Eric Parkin
Priory PRCD 565
The Versatility of Billy Mayerl
Billy Mayerl
Flapper PAST CD 9708
Billy Mayerl - Transcriptions - Vol.3
Eric Parkin
Priory PRCD 468
Loose Elbows
Susan Tomes
Virgin VC7 90745-2
British Piano Music '20s and '30s
Richard Rodney Bennett
EMI CDM 5 65596 2
Billy Mayerl - A Miscellany for solo piano
Leslie De'Ath
Dutton - Epoch CDLX7211
Billy Mayerl - A Miscellany for solo piano - Vol.2
Leslie De'Ath
Dutton - Epoch CDLX7229
"Australian Piano Recordings," IDCD 62, issued by Crystal Stream Audio ( Included in this CD are Mayerl's recordings in Australia in "late 1949" of Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, Ace of Spades, Star Dust, Song of the Fir Tree, Body and Soul, Love in Bloom, Ace of Hearts and Harp of the Winds. Missing are Shy Ballerina and the recordings with Stanley Holloway and Russell Scott & June Hamilton (see Lightning Fingers, p. 142). Also on this CD are all six recordings of 31 December 1942 by the mysterious Sefton Daly, one of which, 'Colour Scheme', is on our 'Fidgety Digits' CD.

Other 'Shellwood' CDs of music in the same genre

Bugatti Step: Alex Hassan
Bugatti Step is a terrific mixture of great syncopated piano marvels played in inimitable style by Alex Hassan. Isoldina will make you chuckle as Wagner winces and the medleys of Gordon/Revel and Robin/Rainger songs arranged by Alex are reminders of their heyday. Four American Variations On A Theme By Paganini is the first commercially issued performance of this exciting work by Lothar Perl.

Cy Walter - The Park Avenue Tatum: Cy Walter


Dizzy Fingers: Pianola rolls selected and played by Philip Legg

Fidgety Digits: Various Artistes inc. Billy Mayerl.
Fidgety Digits is a fascinating glimpse at some of the best pianists of the light music idiom from the 1920s-40s. Some of these recordings are taken from incredibly rare 78s and all are expertly digitally cleaned.

Jeepers Creepers: Alex Hassan plays the music of Harry Warren

Just A Little Thing Called Rhythm: Rhythmic Piano Rolls 1917-36 played by pianolist Julian Dyer

New Deal Rhythm: The incomparable Alex Hassan accompanies talented tenor Doug Bowles in a fascinating recreation of songs inspired by the American Depression of the 1930s. Amusing and bittersweet with more than a passing relevance to today's current situation.

Patricia Rossborough - The Queen of Syncopation: Patricia Rossborough


Rediscoveries Vol. 1 (Billy Mayerl and Lothar Perl): Alex Hassan


Rediscoveries Vol. 2 (Billy Mayerl and others): Alex Hassan

SWCD6 (Out of Print)

Raie da Costa - The Parlophone Girl (Vol.1): Raie da Costa


Raie da Costa - The Parlophone Girl (Vol.2): Raie da Costa


Raie da Costa - The Parlophone Girl (Vol.3): Raie da Costa


Razor Blades (Billy Mayerl and others): Erles Jones

Sport Model Encore: Alex Hassan

Click here to see a video of Alex playing the title number of this disc at a Members' concert. (Adobe 'Flash Player' required.)


Sunny Morning (Ernst Fischer): Alex Hassan

Taking a Chance on Love: Alex Hassan plays the music of Vernon Duke

Wallermania: A tribute to Fats Waller played by Alex Hassan